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I want to speak with a live person. How can I reach your customer service department?
Customer service representatives are available Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time to assist you. In the event you are calling after hours, you may leave a message and a representative will get back to you during normal business hours.

I am not happy with my order. What can I do?
Sanders Chocolates and confections come freshly hand packed to reach you in their best condition. However, their appearance may be affected in extremely warm or cool temperatures. It is always best to keep them covered, cool and dry in the original box for the best experience. Please store chocolates at room temperature. We do not recommend refrigerating them. Of course, if you feel your order is other than completely satisfactory, just call our customer service staff at 800-651-7263 and they can assist you.

How can I receive a printed catalog?
Our mailing list subscribers are sent a new catalog each year. At the time of checkout, you can also select “I wish to receive a printed catalogue.” If you would like a catalog mailed to you at any other time, please send a request including your name and address to or use our Contact Us form

How can I receive special offers and discounts?
We encourage you to also subscribe to our mailing list to receive special online offers: If you live in the Detroit Area, please visit our Saint Clair Shores Outlet for discounted items. You can also visit our store events page at to learn about the latest Sanders Chocolate & Ice Cream Shops specials.

How do I add addresses to my address book?
Visit and then select “Manage your shipping address.” You will then see a page that allows you to edit address already in your address book, or you can add new addresses.

Is my information secure while shopping online?
All sensitive/credit information you supply is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted. You can also view our privacy policy here

ORDERS & SHIPPING (applies to orders placed at only)
Does Sanders automatically take any steps to protect my shipment in warm weather?
We ship using the delivery service offering the most optimal transit time required to get your gifts and treats delivered in their best condition. Especially in warm climates, your order may also be shipped in an insulated cooler with dry ice and/or cold gel packs when necessary. Please remember to reuse the gel packs and insulated coolers next time you're heading out with foods or beverages that need to be kept cold!

To prevent your baked goods and chocolates from being stored in a carrier’s unconditioned space during transit, when orders containing such items are received after Wednesday at 12 Noon Eastern Time we will possibly hold the order to ship on the following Monday.

Please remember that deliveries left on porches or in warm foyers may cause your shipment to melt. For this reason, we suggest you provide a shipping address where someone will be able to store your package in a cool place upon delivery.

How much will shipping cost me?

SandersCandy 2016 shipping rates

International Shipments
We do ship our products to locations outside the United States and Canada. If you do not see your country listed in the drop-down menu at checkout, please email or call Customer Service at 800-651-7263 for assistance. Please note that we are unable to ship chocolates and baked goods outside of the United States and Canada due to their fragile nature.

How soon does my order ship after I have made my purchase?
Orders placed by 12 Noon EST Monday – Wednesday are typically shipped the same day they are received. If an order comes in after 12 Noon EST Wednesday, it would possibly be held to ship on Monday. This prevents the shipment from being stored in a carrier’s unconditioned space during transit.

Can I ship to an address different than my billing address?

Yes. When checking out, just enter your billing address in Step 1 and enter the shipping location you prefer in Step 2.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

We can ship to APO and FPO addresses. However, it's important to remember that shipping chocolates overseas can be tricky. Once your order leaves our facility, we have no control over how long it sits in a military distribution center before reaching its final destination. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the freshness of orders shipped to APO and FPO addresses. We suggest ordering items such as our dessert toppings since they are less susceptible to heat.

How do I check the status of my order?
Visit and click on the Sign In link located in the top right corner of the home page. You can then login to your account. Once logged in, you will be taken to the “My Account” page. Under the “My Orders” section, click on “Review orders/track packages.” You can then check the status of any order placed within the timeframe you select.

How can I change a delivery address after my order has been placed?

Since we work diligently to ship orders as quickly as possible, it is important that you call Sanders Customer Service at 800-651-7263 as soon as you realize a correction is needed. Please note that once an order is processed, there is no guarantee that we can change the shipping destination.

How do I apply a discount/promo code to my order?

If you have a promotional code to receive a discount on your online order, at checkout you will see the area to apply your coupon code.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Can I include a gift message with my order?

At checkout, you will see an option to check a box to indicate the item you are purchasing is a gift. You then are taken to a gift options screen where you can enter a gift note that applies to the entire order. This note will be printed on the packing slip that accompanies the shipment. If you forget to check this box, you can review your shopping cart and select “apply a gift card/message” under the “Need to make changes to this order” section.

We do ship our products to locations outside the United States and Canada. If you do not see your country listed in the drop-down menu at checkout, please call Customer Service at 800-651-7263 for assistance. Please note that we are unable to ship chocolates and baked goods outside of the United States and Canada due to their fragile nature.

Sanders Chocolates and confections come freshly hand packed to reach you in the best possible condition; however, their appearance may be affected in extremely warm or cool temperatures.It is always best to keep them covered, cool and dry in the original box for the best experience. Please store chocolates at room temperature. We do not recommend refrigerating them. Of course, if you feel the candy is other than completely satisfactory, just call our customer service staff at 800-651-7263 and they can assist you.

What do you mean by “real chocolate” or “authentic chocolate?”
Real chocolate is made with authentic ingredients such as chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. To save on costs, some companies substitute those ingredients with cocoa powder and hydrogenated oils like vegetable oil or palm kernel oil. Sanders is proud that since 1875, we have not sacrificed quality in the name of cost. Today, we still offer reasonably priced 100% real chocolate made with cocoa butter and chocolate liquor. We invite you to compare ingredient statements and then taste the difference between our artisanal chocolates and some of our competitors’ chocolate.

Are there really any health benefits to eating chocolate?
In recent decades, studies have also been conducted to learn more about the potential health benefits of chocolate. The antioxidants found in dark chocolate have been the focus in more recent years. When eaten in moderation, chocolate has many potential health benefits. Please read this article for more information about the potential health benefits of chocolate: Taking Chocolate to Heart: For Pleasure and Health. We also believe using real ingredients and working to avoid processed additives makes our chocolates a better option for you compared to some of our competitors’ offerings.

Sometimes my chocolate has a tan or white appearance. What is that?
This is not mold and does not affect the taste of your chocolate . Real chocolate is made using cocoa butter, which can migrate to the surface and crystalize. In the chocolate industry, this is called “Bloom.” Bloom typically occurs when chocolate is exposed to warm or fluctuating temperatures. While it may alter the outer appearance, blooming does not affect the taste of chocolate.

How should I store chocolate?
We recommend that you do not refrigerate your chocolate. It is important to immediately retrieve delivered packages in warm climates to ensure your chocolate maintains its best appearance. To store chocolate properly, keep it away from excessive sunlight, moisture and heat. Ideally, it should be kept at a temperature between 65° to 70° F.

How long will my chocolate last?
It’s best to refer to the best by date on your package. Solid milk or dark chocolate can last for years. When nuts, fruits or other items are included in the chocolate it usually lasts 6-8 months. This means you do not have to wait until the last minute to buy your holiday candy.

Does the gourmet dessert topping need to be refrigerated?
Yes. Please refrigerate your gourmet dessert toppings after they have been opened.

Do you sell custom gifts and favors?
We offer chocolate bars, gift baskets, favor bags and boxes, hand-dipped items and more. Please contact our Main Office at (800) 651-7263 or email to discuss your specific needs and price range so that we can make the perfect customized option for you.

What is Bumpy Cake™?
Originally named the Devils Food Buttercream Cake, Sanders Bumpy Tea Cake is a timeless classic that has been a part of birthdays and other celebrations for more than a century. This creation is what happens when you combine a baker’s love with a confectioner’s dream! Moist devil’s food cake is topped with rich buttercream bumps, and then covered by a delicious chocolate ganache.

What are your most popular items?
Sanders developed America’s Original Gourmet Dessert Topping™ that is still loved by people all over the world today. Our Purple Foiled Easter Bunny, one-of-a-kind Bumpy Cake™ and Hot Fudge Cream Puffs™ are also well-known favorites. In recent years, we developed the Sea Salt Caramels that are now taking over the hearts of gourmet chocolate lovers everywhere.

What does Sanders make besides chocolates?
Although Sanders began as a chocolatier, we now also offer cakes, brownies, ice cream, coffee, cocoa, caramels and more.

Why did Sanders stop making Vernors ice cream?
Vernors was sold many years ago and we have not been able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with the new owners.

I read that Sanders still uses original recipes and ingredients so why do some of my favorite products taste different?
Fred Sanders’ original recipes remain very important to us and we are dedicated to staying as close as possible to the original ingredients. However, there are circumstances beyond our control such as new FDA regulations and supplier changes.

Where can I find allergen facts for Sanders products?
Sanders is fully compliant with FDA labeling regulations. We strongly recommend that you review our complete ingredient statements on packages in order to decide if a product is right for you. Where possible, you will also find allergen statements and product attributes listed in our product descriptions online. It is important to note that many of our candies are manufactured on shared equipment so trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and egg may be present.

When was Sanders established?
Fred Sanders Schmidt opened the first Sanders on June 17, 1875 in Detroit, Michigan. Schmidt chose to use his middle name when he went into business so that he would not appear to be in competition with his father, Albin Schmidt, who was a successful baker in Illinois at the time. For more information about our history, please visit

Where can I find more historic information or photos about Sanders?
If you are seeking a detailed story and great historical images, we suggest ordering the Sanders Confectionery Book

Is it pronounced Sanders or Saunders?
Many people have referred to us as Saunders for years, but the correct pronunciation of our name is Sanders. If it is difficult to kill the old habit of calling us Saunders, don’t worry. We won’t correct you!

I’m confused. Is the company Sanders Candy or is it Morley Candy Makers?
Morley Candy Makers became the owner of Sanders brand in 2002. However, we refer to ourselves as Sanders Candy in communications related to the Sanders brand.

What happened to the Morley fundraising program?
Morley has always had a rich heritage in local fundraising, and is still the country’s premium fundraising company with Morley candies being sold through our national distribution network. If you would like to use Morley Candy for your organization’s fundraiser, please contact

What happened to the Morley brand candies?
Morley candy is still sold by fundraising groups. However, in stores and online we now only sell our Sanders brand nationally.

What do you mean by Eat. Life. Better.™?
Life is all about making choices so we strive to help our customers experience not only great tastes, but also better ingredient options when they wish to indulge a bit to celebrate life’s joys and milestones.

Can I buy stock in Sanders?
Morley Candy Makers, the owner of Sanders brand is not a publicly traded company.

How do I apply for a job at the Morley Candy Factory?
As a growing company, we are always looking for good people so we want to hear from you. Please complete an application by visiting

Retail Stores
I would like to carry Sanders products in my retail store. Who should I contact?
We would love working with you to give your customers a chance to experience authentic gourmet confections. Please contact us via email at to further discuss program opportunities.

I’d like to open a Sanders store in my area? Do you offer franchising or licensing opportunities?
We do not currently offer franchising or licensing opportunities. All inquiries related to sites, or potential store locations should be directed to

Why isn’t there a Sanders store in my area?
We are concentrating on building our distribution network throughout the country. Our products are also available on our global online store,

Why can’t I find Sanders products in any of the stores in my area?
We appreciate your support and assure you we are working hard to expand nationally. If you cannot find our products in your area, we invite you to order online at You can also contact your local store manager to request that they begin offering Sanders products in their stores. Sometimes they listen! Also use our product locator to see if Sanders is sold at a store in your area

Does Sanders still have its own stores?
Today there are 10 Sanders Ice Cream & Dessert Shops operating in Michigan. Eight of these retail outlets are located in the Detroit Metropolitan Area and 2 stores are on Mackinac Island. To find a Sanders Ice Cream & Dessert Shop near you, please click here

Do you still offer free in-store samples?
We sure do because we know if you taste our treats, you will love them. Stop in at any of our 11 stores and request a free sample for your tasting pleasure.

Community & Media Relations
How does Sanders help ensure social and environmental sustainability?
Sanders has a strong commitment to the environment and only using chocolate from quality sources who share our beliefs that sustainability efforts in the cocoa community will benefit everyone from producers to consumers through better quality, consistency and a sustainable future for the industry. Learn more here.

Do you still offer factory tours?
Yes we do! Tours are offered Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Tour times vary with production schedules so advance reservations are required. Call (800) 682-2760 to schedule your tour experience. For more information, visit

How do I submit a donation request?
While we wish we could support the cause of every individual or group, we must use our resources in ways that allow us to help the most people in causes affecting the community at large. For this reason, Sanders has partnered with several local charities that we are dedicated to supporting every year.

Who should I contact if I’d like to do an article on Sanders or interview someone from your company? Please visit the News section of our site for the latest press releases ( For specific media relations inquiries, please submit your request to

I’m doing a school report on Sanders. Where can I find more information about your company’s history and products?
Our website is a great starting point for a brief history of the company and details on products we offer today. If you are in the Detroit Metro Area, a free tour would also be beneficial to your research. Many young students also submit handwritten request letters to our office throughout the school year. When such letters are received, we make every effort to send a personalized letter and company information back to each child.
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